84 Squadron

Vital air-lift and search and rescue capability.

"Scorpions sting"


84 Squadron is based at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus. The Squadron has been stationed overseas since 1920. Aircraft flown have included the Mosquito FBVI, Beverley, Whirlwind and the Wessex HAR2. 84 Squadron provides an invaluable fire fighting capability to the Sovereign Base Area and Cyprus territory.


1917   Formed at Beaulieu.

1920   Left the UK for the last time.

1940   Flew during WWII in Africa, the Middle and the Far East.

2003   The last RAF Squadron to operate the Westland Wessex.

Battle honours

1917-1918*   Western Front 

1917   Cambrai 

1918*   Somme 


Hindenburg Line*

1920   Iraq 

1923-1925   Iraq 

1928-1929   Iraq 

1940-1942*   Egypt and Libya 

1940-1941*   Greece 

1941*   Iraq

1941   Habbaniya, Iraq

1942*   Malaya

1944*   North Burma 

1944   Manipur

Honours marked with an asterisk, may be emblazoned on the Squadron Standard.


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