XIX Squadron has responsibility for radar control and surveillance within NATO Air Policing Area 1 and provides tactical control for the UK’s Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) response. Furthermore, the Squadron supports UK, NATO, and Joint exercises with tactical control and identification.

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The Squadron's mission is to provide airspace surveillance and Tactical Air C2 in support of National Counter-Terrorism, NATO air policing and deployed operations, and the provision of a rapidly deployable, tactical ATM capability.

The Squadron operates with numerous Flights:

Operations Flights

A, B and C Flights form the bulk of the Squadron personnel. It is their responsibility to provide operators to deliver the Squadron’s duties in the UK and on overseas operations.

Support Flights

Including Plans, Assurance, Total Safety, Mission Support and Co-ord Flights. The tasking of these sections is to manage and support the Operations Flights in delivery of all of XIX Squadron duties.

No. 1 Air Control Centre 

Provide a deployed air control and surveillance capability both in the United Kingdom and on deployed operations worldwide.


1915   19 Squadron of the Royal Flying Corps was formed

1916   deployed to France in using B.E.12’s and then SPAD S.VIIs

1917   equipped with Sopwith Dolphins

1919   disbanded at the end of World War One

1923   reformed at RAF Duxford flying numerous different fighters

1938   becomes the first RAF Squadron to operate the Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I

1940   provided air cover over the Dunkirk beaches as part of the Duxford Wing, No. 12 Group's 'Big Wing' formation during the Battle of Britain.

1992   hands over its number plate to the former 63 Squadron, becoming No. 19 (Reserve) Squadron.

1994   moves to RAF Valley to provide advanced Fast Jet Training on the BAE Hawk.

2011   disbands and hands over to 4 Squadron.

2021   number plate allocated to the RAF's Control and Reporting Centre (CRC) based at RAF Boulmer, where it continues to carry out a critical air-defence role for the UK and NATO


1916 - 1918*   Western Front

1916*   Somme

1916*   Arras

1917*   Ypres

1918    Somme

1918    Lys

1918    Amiens

1918    Hindenburg Line

1918*    Dunkirk

1940 - 1942    Home Defence

1940*    Battle of Britain

1942    Channel and North Sea 

1942 - 1944*    Fortress Europe 

1942 - 1944*   Dieppe

1944*    Normandy

1944    Arnhem

1944 - 1945    France & Germany

*Honours marked with an asterisk are those actually emblazoned on the Squadron Standard.