XXIV Squadron

Responsible for training the RAF's strategic Air Mobility Fleet.

Prepared for all things

A Blackcock – approved by HM King George VI in June 1937. Chosen because of its speed and strength on the wing, the cock is in fighting attitude to suggest the Squadron’s ability to turn itself into a war fighting unit at short notice despite a peacetime training role.


  • Based at RAF Brize Norton
  • Aircraft operated have included the Tiger Moth, the Dakota I and IV and the Hastings
  • Trains the aircrew and engineers of the Air Mobility Fleet


1915 - Formed at Hounslow as a DH.2 scout unit.

1945 - Began short-range operations on Dakotas.

1945 - Supported personnel movement during the Nuremberg Trials.

2013 - Became the Air Mobility Operational Conversion Unit for the Hercules, Atlas and C-17.


Battle honours

Western Front 1916-1918*

Somme 1916*

Somme 1918


Hindenburg Line*

France and Low Countries 1939-1940*

Malta 1942*

North Africa 1942-1943*

Italy 1943-1944

Burma 1944-1945*

Gulf 1991

Iraq 2003-2011*

(Honours marked with an asterisk, may be emblazoned on the Squadron Standard)


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