The Station

MOD Boscombe Down is the tri-Service home of military aircraft Test & Evaluation, the RAF Base Support Squadron provides administrative support to the military lodger units.

The site is managed under the Long Term Partnering Agreement (LTPA) between QinetiQ Ltd (QQ) and the UK Ministry of Defence. Under the Agreement, QQ is responsible for the operation of the MOD Boscombe Down Aerodrome and specialist test facilities, and the provision of specialist technical expertise and support services.

Who's based here

UAS Squadrons


Key dates

1917  First opened as Royal Flying Corps Redhouse Farm.

1920  Closed and the land returned to agricultural use.

1939  Began test flying with the Aircraft and Armament Experimental Establishment moving in.

1992  The site was renamed the Aircraft and Armament Evaluation Establishment (AAEE).

2001  The responsibility for the airfield was given to QinetiQ, in conjunction with the Air Warfare Centre.