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International participants have been taking part in the long planned biannual Exercise Cobra Warrior in the UK. This event provides an invaluable opportunity for international allies to train together in developing operational tactics in the air.

The first aircraft from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Air Force arrived at RAF Coningsby and RAF Waddington in late February to prepare for the start of the Exercise in March. RAF Waddington are hosting aircraft and personnel from the Indian, Finnish and Belgian Air forces, whilst the Saudi Air Force are at RAF Coningsby. UK based aircraft from the United States Airforce as well as a range of RAF aircraft will also be taking part.

Exercise Cobra Warrior is run twice a year and is the largest air exercise run by the Royal Air Force. The exercise is designed to train participants in high intensity, large force, tactical air warfighting operations. The exercise will take place until the 24th March and will see 70 aircraft taking part.

Taking part this year for the first time are contingents from the Finnish, Indian and Royal Saudi Air Forces. The Saudis will be flying six Typhoons from RAF Coningsby. The Indian Air Force will fly five Mirage 2000. Also based at RAF Waddington will be six F-16s of the Belgian Air Force and six F-18s from the Finnish Air Force. The Finnish participation is part of a wider training activity in support of the UK led Joint Expeditionary Force, known as JEF Warrior. 

The fast jets will be supported by RAF Voyager aircraft conducting air-to-air refuelling operations, flying from RAF Brize Norton. In addition, UK Joint Helicopter Command aircraft will be participating, basing at RAF Leeming. The RAF’s Air Mobility Force will be taking part in the exercise, with sorties including deploying elements of 16 Air Assault Brigade during an associated ground mission, that forms part of the overall exercise scenario.

We are looking forward to delivering Exercise Cobra Warrior 23-1. 92 Squadron have developed a challenging Air-led multi-domain exercise focussed on pitting our NATO, Joint Expeditionary Force and International partners against a capable peer adversary within a challenging and complex environment. - Squadron Leader Mcfadden,
Officer Commanding 92 Squadron

Over three weeks, we will bring together our capabilities and deliver the full spectrum of Air Operations, including Defensive and Offensive Counter-Air as well as Strike Operations. These will include RAF Regiment Precision Strike Teams, Air Manoeuvre operations to support ground forces, and also developing our Joint Personnel Recovery Capability.

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