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Junior Ranks Pilot and Scholarship Scheme

A Senior Aircraftman (Technician) from RAF Coningsby has been successful in his application to the coveted Junior Ranks Pilot and Scholarship Scheme. 

SAC (Tech) Brandon Scales has been given the opportunity to pursue his dream of wanting to fly by gaining a place on this year's scheme which is funded by the Royal Air Force Charitable Trust, teamed with the RAF Sport Aircraft. This year 15 RAF personnel at the rank of corporal or below have been given a chance to earn a place on the scheme and receive flying lessons that will take them up to a ‘solo’ standard. 

“It is a privilege to be accepted on to this course and I am thrilled to be given this opportunity which will not only be immensely fun but will provide me with transferable skills which will aid my future prospects. It is a long-held ambition to be able to fly, I'm expecting that it will be a very rewarding experience and I can’t wait to start.” 

                                                                                                                              -SAC(T) Brandon Scales

Station Commander Matt Peterson said, “I am thrilled to celebrate Brandon's successful application to this remarkable scheme which highlights one of the many opportunities available to personnel in the RAF. We are so grateful for the support from RAF Charitable Trust and the RAF Sport Aircraft.” 

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