The Joint Air Delivery Test and Evaluation Unit (JADTEU) is an Air Warfare Centre Unit. It comprises approximately 115 (Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force and Civil Service) personnel and is commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel. The primary role of JADTEU is to conduct operational trials and evaluation to develop the delivery by air of manpower, machines and material on behalf of sponsors. In addition, it provides advice/recommendations to MOD sponsors, other government departments, civilian industry and foreign governments on all air transport matters.

JADTEU received ISO 9001 accreditation on 19 March 1997 and is ISO 9000:2015 compliant. It has design approval status within the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) Design Approval Organisation Scheme (DAOS), for aerial delivery systems and other air transport related equipment. The Unit, is comprosed of 5 lead sections and support staff as follows:

Air Portability Section. The Air Portability (AP) Section develops techniques and procedures for the loading and restraint of vehicles and equipment in fixed and rotary winged aircraft. They provide advice on all air portability issues and regularly provide Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to MOD agencies and the wider aviation community.

Aerial Delivery Section. The Aerial Delivery (AD) Section is responsible for carrying out operational test and evaluation on all aerial delivery systems including vehicles, boats and stores delivered under parachute. It produces safe, tactically sound and effective procedures in order to meet Tri-Service operational requirements. Expertise is drawn from army RLC (Royal Logistic Corps) air despatchers and REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) engineers.

Engineering Section. JADTEU Eng Section provide Engineering Airworthiness Advice through the Trials Engineering Officers (TEOs), Engineering Design Office (EDO) and Engineering Workshops who design and manufacture of Prototype Equipment to support trials Air Delivery tasking.  We are proud to be one of 3 Defence organisations to have DAOS accreditation for the design of mechanical installation fittings on military aircraft.  To maintain this accreditation the organisation is subject to audits by the Lloyds Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) Team and the MAA.

Helicopter & Training Section. The section develops lifting schemes for the carriage of vehicles and equipment as helicopter underslung loads in support of UK military commitments and providing advice on helicopter underslung load operations.
They are also the sole UK provider for the training of Troop Insertion Extraction Systems (TIES) Instructors, providing specialist advice and supporting all UK Defence, security agencies and civilian authorities as well as supporting Defence diplomacy worldwide.

Parachuting Test Team. Responsible for continued Developmental and Operational T&E of Military Parachute Systems and ancillaries from multiple aircraft. Ensuring that the specific drills and procedures are in place for the delivery of Airborne and Special Forces personnel by Static Line (SL) and Free Fall (FF) into the battlefield. This includes High Altitude Low Opening (HALO), High Altitude High Opening (HAHO) and Low-Level Parachute (LLP).

Support Staff. A wide variety of specialists including technical illustrators, designers and IT staff place the Unit in the enviable position of being a self-contained ‘one-stop shop’. DAOS accreditation allows JADTEU to design, manufacture and trial prototype equipment in support of the Unit mission.


DAOS Certificate:

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JADTEU Contact Details

Joint Air Delivery Test and Evaluation Unit 
RAF Brize Norton 
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United Kingdom 
Fax: +44(0)1993 896 281

Task Co-Ordination Officer Telephone: +44 (0)300 161 3056 Email: [email protected]

JADTEU Training Section Clerk

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RAF Brize Norton, Carterton, Oxfordshire OX18 3LX.