East Midlands Universities Air Squadron


EMUAS is one of the larger University Air Squadrons with an establishment of up to 85 students and 8 staff. 

The aim of EMUAS is to provide an insight into what a career in the Royal Air Force might be like in a range of exciting roles

.EMUAS achieves this by providing opportunities to meet serving personnel and experience the life that an RAF person leads through insightful and exciting visits to RAF stations and other associated units.

    Strength in reserve



    As well as providing an insight into the RAF, EMUAS prides itself in helping the students to become better people; physically, mentally and morally; providing education and training in personal skills that are as valuable in civilian life as they are to a military person.

    The activities on EMUAS are delivered under 4 broad headings and all of the students can participate in any of the activities:

    Flying training in the Grob Tutor as provided by military qualified flying instructors.  Even for those not destined to join the RAF as aircrew, the opportunity exists for any of the students to fly solo in the aircraft or to just take to the skies to gain some valuable air experience.

    Adventurous Training covers a wide range of challenging physical activities including sailing, skiing, canoeing, rock climbing and mountain biking, to name just a few.  Students of EMUAS get plenty of opportunity to partake of these activities as well as assist with the organisation and delivery of the events.  Many of these events are run as groups to help develop team skills, as well as to challenge the individual mentally and physically.

    Personal fitness is an important aspect to service life and EMUAS prides itself on its sporting achievements with the students engaging in a wide range of events including football and hockey as a baseline. Sport is a regular part of the squadron calendar with training taking place throughout the year, culminating in competition between all of the University Air Squadrons.

    Force Development covers a range of activities that constitute the military skills part of our training.  Such skills include military ethos, etiquette and conduct, first aid, field craft and military related education in both current and historic military events.  It is under the title of Force Development that the visits to RAF stations are conducted and much of the training is provided in the form of field exercises in which leadership skills are the major focus.


    Each year EMUAS recruits around 35 students from the regions’ universities.  The squadron attend Fresher events at selected universities giving prospective students the chance to discuss with the current staff and student’s what life on EMUAS is like.  Places on EMUAS are quite sought after so the staff of EMAUS will conduct an initial interview at the Fresher event to start the filter process.  Those selected for the next stage will be called forward for a formal interview at either RAFC Cranwell or the Town HQ in Nottingham.  Students selected to join EMUAS will then complete a basic medical to ensure that they are fit to participate in the activities we undertake.

    The selection process for EMUAS only runs for a short period of time and applications to join will not be entertained after the last of the Fresher events which will typically be the 30 Sep each year.  EMUAS are not able to attend all of the university Fresher events thus students from other universities should attend one of the published Fresher events if they wish to be considered for a place.  If a student is unable to attend any of the Fresher events that EMUAS will be at then they should contact EMUAS directly.

    Weekly training

    Training Nights are held at the Town Head Quarters on a Tuesday during university term time with transport to and from Town HQ provided by EMUAS.  The content of the training nights ranges from developing personal skills such as presentations, debates on current affairs and military topics, to presentations by current and former military personnel on a range of roles.  EMUAS also prides itself on having former members who have chosen not to join the RAF, but who have gone on to prestigious careers in civilian life.  Many of these former members are invited back to present on how their time on EMUAS helped them become who they are today.



    Students of EMUAS standing commitment is 2 years with the ability to extend beyond that if certain criteria are met.  As a member of EMUAS you are attested as a RAF Volunteer Reserve (UAS) which facilitates access to all of the RAF related activities we conduct.  We recognise that you are at university to complete your degree, so if it transpires that your degree must come first we can discuss your commitment to the squadron.


    Students receive up to 35 days’ pay per year and by meeting a minimum training requirement are also eligible for a training bounty at the end of each year.  The requirement is based around 15 days of training per year and a set number of training hours depending your time on EMUAS.  The Squadron provides ample opportunity in the form of the training nights and training activities to easily meet these requirements, so it is in the hands of the student as to just how much time they can afford to commit to the squadron.


    Fitness is an important part of life on EMUAS, as it is in the RAF.  To best prepare the students of EMUAS for the exciting and challenging activities they participate in, all are required to pass a RAF fitness test every 6 months.  The RAF Fitness Test consists of either a shuttle or ‘bleep’ test where the individual must keep up with bleeps whilst running between 2 markers or a 1.5 Mile run, with the requirement being to reach a level appropriate to their age.  The test also includes a minimum number of press ups and sits up, each to be completed in 1 minute.  Students will also attempt a swimming test on joining EMUAS.  The RAF fitness test is not an entry standard to EMUAS and you will be given time to meet the required standard as you join the squadron, but passing the RAF fitness test is a requirement of being on EMUAS for participation in the majority of activities.


    1941  Formed as Nottingham University Air Squadron flying from RAF Newton for pre-entry training of RAF aircrew.

    1947  The Squadron Crest was granted by HM King George VI and embodies the association between Nottingham, Robin Hood and the Squadron.  The "Quiver of Arrows" is symbolic not only of the city of Nottingham but also the Squadrons motto; "Strength in Reserve".

    1951  Started flying the De Havilland Chipmunk.

    1967  Squadron officially renamed the East Midlands Universities’ Air Squadron in recognition of the support and recruitment of cadets from the Universities of Leicester and Loughborough

    1974  After almost 25 years of service, the Chipmunks were replaced by five Scottish Aviation Bulldogs.

    2000  RAF Newton closed as an airfield and EMUAS flying operations relocated to RAFC Cranwell.

    2006  The University Air Squadrons convert to the Grob Tutor 115E for flying training.

    Contact details

    If you would like to find out more about EMUAS or enquire about joining the Squadron, please contact:

    Email: [email protected]

    Town Headquarters

    East Midlands UAS, Broadgate Army Reserve Centre, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 2HF

    Flying Headquarters

    East Midlands UAS, Royal Air Force College Cranwell, Sleaford, Lincs, NG34 8HB

    Phone: 01400 266917


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