Christmas STEM Challenges

RAF Cosford in snow.

The RAF Youth & STEM team are offering some festive fun on the lead up to Christmas.  Each week a different challenge will be released for you to try at home or in the classroom.  

Challenge 1 - Binary Code Christmas Card

The first Challenge involves Binary Code; a language computers and Apps use to communicate and share information with each other.  You are to create a short Christmas greeting and translate it into a 8 bit Binary Code, using the Translation sheet and coloured paper to represent the different digits of the Code. 

View STEM challenge 1 to download the Challenge pack, instructions, and Translation sheet.

Share your creations to the RAF Youth & STEM Facebook page.

Challenge 2 - Maths Typhoon Present Delivery

The second Christmas STEM Challenge looks at what fuels our aircraft.  Father Christmas needs your help to delivery presents, by calculating how many litres the Typhoon needs to complete its mission. 

View STEM challenge 2 to download the Challenge pack, instructions, and Translation sheet.

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Challenge 3 - Perception Tree Decorating

The third Christmas STEM Challenge delves into proprioception.  Use your receptors to relay positional information to your brains, with some easy activities to challenge your sense of orientation and decorate the Christmas Tree with baubles.

View STEM challenge 3 to download the Challenge pack, instructions, and tree template.

Challenge 4 - Engineering Gingerbread Typhoon

The final Christmas STEM Challenge tests your baking and engineering skills to construct a tasty gingerbread Typhoon.  

View STEM challenge 4 to download the Challenge pack with instructions.

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