XXXII Squadron

Delivers secure and timely air movements.

"Rally round, comrades"


XXXII Squadron are based at RAF Northolt, London. Former aircraft include the Hurricane I, Canberra B2, Andover, and BAe 125. The Squadron is the RAF's Command Support Air Transport fleet.


1916   Formed at Netheravon.

1940   Took part in the Battle of Britain.

1995   Became the Royal Squadron following amalgamation with The Queen's Flight.

2015   Gained the AW109 GrandNew aircraft.


Battle honours

1916-1918   Western Front

1916-1918   Somme

1916-1918   Arras

1917*   Ypres

1917*   Amiens

1940*   France and Low Countries

1940*   Battle of Britain

1940-1942   Home Defence

1940-1942*   Dieppe

1942-1943*   North Africa

1943   Italy  

1944-1945*   South East Europe

1991   Gulf

2003-2011   Iraq

2011   Libya

(Honours marked with an asterisk, may be emblazoned on the Squadron Standard)


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