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JHC FS Aldergrove is home to 38 Engineer Regiment of the British Army, and units of the Army Air Corps. The Station retains an RAF presence through an RAF Reserve Squadron and a University Air Squadron.


Aldergrove Base, Aldergrove, Crumlin BT29 4BP

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Aldergrove officially opened in May 1918 but was virtually unused until May 1925 when it became a fully operational flying Station. The Station was renamed RAF Aldergrove in January 1936, operating as an important Coastal Command Station throughout World War Two. On 20 September 2009 the Royal Air Force Ensign was lowered and the Joint Helicopter Flag raised. Joint Helicopter Command Flying Station Aldergrove is now home to squadrons of the Army Air Corps and the equipment of 38 Engineer Regiment; approximately 75 RAF personnel remain stationed at Aldergrove.

Key dates

1918   Aldergrove opened as a flying station.

1936   The Station was renamed RAF Aldergrove.

1939 - 1945   RAF Aldergrove was an important Coastal Command Station. Long range aircraft flew long range anti-submarine patrols to protect allied shipping in the Atlantic.

1969   The first Army flying unit, the 17th/21st Lancers Air Squadron, operated from the Station until 1971.

2009   The Station was handed over to Joint Helicopter Command.