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RAF Waddington host the Deployed Families Luncheon for the first time since COVID-19.

Held for the first time in over two years, the Deployed Families Luncheon was attended by over 130 guests from the neighbouring stations, RAF Cranwell, RAF Coningsby, and RAF Digby, as well as families from RAF Waddington.

Image shows families serving themselves soup.

Natalie Ackland, from RAF Coningsby, was joined at the luncheon by her two daughters and mum (grandma) Pauline Ackland. Her partner is currently deployed overseas until 2023.

We’re having a lovely time. It is nice to be all together as this time and we will definitely attend another one.

Natalie Ackland
RAF Coningsby

The families were looked after by the senior leadership team from RAF Waddington.

It’s a nice way to bring families together. From events like these they can create their own support networks for each other throughout the rest of the year.

Mrs Rees-Martin
RAF Waddington’s Station Warrant Officer

Each child was given a craft bag from the Community Support team that each took 10 hours to create.

Image shows magician entertaining families with balloons at a Christmas Dinner

Flight Sergeant Woodley from the Community Support Team organised the event.

It’s all been worth it. It’s been a proper team effort in my house for this: my twins and mum have all helped with the preparations for today.

Flight Sergeant Woodley
Community Support Team

There was also the opportunity for families to record private messages to loved ones via BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service) during the Christmas meal.

Image shows families having a Christmas Dinner

Ginny Carlin is a content manager for BFBS and was filming the recordings on the day.

I have done this before but it always brings a smile to my face and a tear to my eye.

Ginny Carlin
Content Manager for BFBS

The RAF Waddington Voluntary Band performed at the event, providing festive music for the duration of the meal.

Image shows young children eating a Christmas Dinner

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