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RAF Leeming and Rapid Capabilities Office.

Project VITAL

Image shows aviator standing by electric charging station in car park.
Electric charging points are available at RAF Leeming, to provide more sustainable fuel for vehicles.

Project VITAL is a combination of sustainability activities at RAF Leeming. 


It is testing a number of different concepts that may support the RAF's Net Zero 2040 goals, while also enabling the Station to be Net Zero by 2025.

The Project aims to create a living laboratory for the RAF and the MOD to investigate new and emerging technologies for tackling climate change and sustainability.

Image shows aviator using electric charging station in car park.

It includes the implementation of integrated solar technology, increasing the use of electric vehicles by providing charging points on the Station, and reducing carbon through measures such as moss walls and soil carbon capture.

Image shows aviator standing inside plant greenhouse.
The living laboratory in action at RAF Leeming.

Project VITAL’s extensive initiatives are being delivered in collaboration with academics and industry partners such as the University of Newcastle, Element-2, and Fuel Cell Systems.



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