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Sergeant Josephine Drew


My career highlight so far

My career highlight was my tour to Afghanistan as an Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic back in 2016/17.  I deployed on Operation TORAL with 230 Squadron and helped service the Puma helicopters so they could carry out there taskings in Kabul and the surrounding areas.  During the tour I participated in my first power-lifting competition against other NATO forces.

The best thing about my current role

In my current role as an Air Loadmaster on 32 (TR) Squadron I'm doing a job that I never imagined myself being in within the RAF.  With a mixture of normal and VIP tasks your role is constantly changing, and you have to adapt to something new each day.  I have always loved travelling so for it to be the key part of my job and day to day life is surreal and I love being a vital member of the crew structure.