The mission of No 2 Group is to build the best culture, capabilites, and environment for our people to excel, wherever we are needed. Our vision is to always be ready to fly, fight and win and to be the heart and home of our RAF.

The Forces within No 2 Group collectively train and operate to provide very high readiness forces for the RAF and Defence.

We Will Conquer


Air Bases

RAF Stations are where the RAF lives, works and often fights from. They are made up of the ‘Air Base’ and its resident ‘Air Wing’ elements. Air Bases include the support structures and services that are needed by all RAF personnel to live and operate and these are looked after by 2 Group.

Global Enablement

Global Enablement prepares and generates the specialist capabilities that are required to enable RAF Air & Space power to be delivered globally, whenever and wherever it is required. Global Enablement is formed around six forces: Air Security Force, Battlespace Management Operations, Combat and Readiness Force, Medical Force, Support Force and 90 Signal Unit.


Air Vice-Marshal Jason Appleton MA RAF

Air Vice-Marshal Jason Appleton grew up in Bolton and, following a 6th Form scholarship, joined the Royal Air Force as a Navigator in January 1991.

He has amassed in excess of 3000 flying hours on helicopters over numerous operational flying tours, to include the Former Yugoslavia, Northern Ireland (where he was awarded the Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service), Iraq and Afghanistan, and a non-flying tour in Iraq as an Air Advisor.

He was a Qualified Helicopter Tactics Instructor on both Merlin and Puma helicopters and attained A2 Instructor status whilst serving at the Defence Helicopter Flying School. He was also Station Commander RAF Shawbury, home to No.1 Flying Training School and the Defence College of Air and Space Operations.

He assumed command of No.2 Group in February 2024.




Key dates


The group was first formed as a training group, but was deactivated after the armistice.


The Group was reformed as 2 (Bombing) Group on 20 March 1936, with its headquarters base at Abingdon. By the outbreak of war Group Headquarters were at RAF Wyton and a Blenheim from 2 Group made the first British operational sortie to cross the German frontier in the Second World War. The following day saw the Group's Blenheims make the first British bombing attack of the war. 2 Group flew just over 57,000 operational sorties at a cost of 2,671 men killed or missing and 396 wounded. It was disbanded on 1 May 1947.


Reformed as part of the British Occupation forces in Germany, and transferred to the Second Tactical Air Force in 1951. 


Was formed to encompass RAF Germany after the Cold War and disbanded after the draw down of RAF units on the continent.


2 Group was reformed on 7 January 2000 to take control of air transport, air-to-air refuelling and airborne early warning within the RAF. Later the group took control of the RAF's Force Protection units and most recently absorbed the Space & Battle Management Force and stood up the Support Force.